Food Diary: Where to Eat in San Diego

This is part two of a San Diego blog, all about where we ate during our time in SD. We can read about the places we visited here.

We arrived into Pacific Beach in the evening and checked in at our hotel, which was the Blue Beach Hotel. We were starving after a long day at Disney (we drove from Anaheim to San Diego). So, wanted to kept it simple and low-key, so we went next door for dinner, which was World Famous.

World Famous

The restaurant was nice. It’s right on the beach. We sat indoors as the patio is busy as can be expected with the location and time. It just was before sunset, but we still got a lovely view of the sun setting while we had our meal.

Woody’s Breakfast and Burgers

The next morning we were up bright and early and went to a place next door for breakfast that I’ve wanting to try ever since I lived in San Diego (don’t ask me why I never tried it during my time there), but I’m so glad I finally did!

This place is literally on the beach. It’s a great people watching location and their food is awesome. If you want a really hearty breakfast or if you hungover (I wasn’t hungover, but I ordered the hangover sandwich.)

And of course, you can take your coffee and sit on the beach afterwards!

La Playa Taco Shop

That same day, we rented bikes from our hotel and went for a cycle along the boardwalk and Mission Bay. Because we were on the go, we just had our lunch on the go too. We went to La Playa for tacos. I got two fish tacos (fish tacos are my favourite!).

Cabo Cantina

For dinner that night we went to Cabo Cantina. This is somewhere that we used to love going to when we lived in San Diego. They do Tex Mex food and massive margaritas, which is always great! (and their happy hour is pretty good as well!)

I’m a sucker for nachos. Their nachos portions are pretty big as well. So if you like nachos, I think you’ll like these!

Cove House

The next day, we went to La Jolla and to a place called Cove House for breakfast. This place is near the coast, on a quiet street, so you can sit outside on their patio and watch the world go by. I had the crab eggs benedict. And then afterwards, we walked down to the cove to see the seals.

Cafe 20/20

That afternoon, we went back to our hotel and just chilled by the pool.

I read my book and we had a small lunch. I got an acai bowl from Cafe 20/20. It had fresh fruit, granola, and some smoothie at the bottom. Nice and refreshing on a warm day!

Tavern & Society PB

That evening, we technically didn’t go out for dinner. (We’d been doing so much nibbling throughout the day.) We went to a bar called the Tavern, which is where we had our first kiss, aww! (We actually met in San Diego!)

So we had a couple of drinks there for nostalgia, then we went across to Society PB to play some pool. We grabbed some cheesy bacon potato skins there, which actually pretty good and filling.

Cafe Gratitude

The next morning, the plan was to go into Balboa Park and have our breakfast in downtown San Diego. I had originally wanted to go to Morning Glory. It has really cool, quirky decor, but of course, when we got down there, even though it was like 9:00 AM, there were queues down the street and around the block So, we didn’t go! I mean, I wasn’t gonna queue for my breakfast when I was already hungry!

So, we kept walking to see what else would catch our eye, and we came across Cafe Gratitude, which like a healthy food breakfast place, and it ended up being a nice little gem! The food was good, the vibe was nice and the staff were lovely.

This was on a Sunday, so if you do plan on going to Morning Glory on a Sunday, or see if you can book a table.


That evening when we got back to our hotel, we decided to go on a walk down towards Mission Beach. We went to a sushi restaurant called Cannonball, it’s right on the beach. We sat up on their patio and had a view of the sea with our drinks and sushi.

And honestly, this was probably our favourite meal of the entire San Diego trip. It was just so good.

Baked Bear

Then we walked back along the beach, towards the hotel, and headed for Baked Bear – which is an ice cream sandwich shop – to get some ice cream sandwiches for dessert. And it was awesome.

Fun fact: I very briefly worked in ice cream sandwich shop in La Jolla. We used to always used to eat ice cream sandwiches quite often when we lived there too. So they have a soft spot in my heart!

Wrapping Up on San Diego

And that concludes San Diego, where we eat, where we went and our California trip. Let me know if you have any questions. If you’re heading to San Diego or L.A. and would like further tips or information, please leave comment below and I’d be happy to answer.

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