Photo Diary: 36 Hours in London, UK

It’s been a long time since I “acted tourist” in London, so when the idea of staying a night in London to see Arsenal during our Christmas break in Dublin, I jumped at the thought!

London is massive, and although I’ve been a dozen times, there are tons of sites I haven’t seen properly. So for this trip, I picked specific locations that I wanted to see and created a (tight – it was 36hrs after all) itinerary.

Day 1: Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, and the Emirates Stadium

We flew into London City Airport in the morning. The plan was to hop on the DLR to Tower Bridge, grab some sausage rolls from Greggs (a very important step), and then take the tube to Covent Garden.

google map of a route from covent garden to neal's yard, chinatown, regent street and oxford street london uk

Tower Bridge

First stop, Tower Bridge!

Covent Garden

We then hopped on the District Line/Circle tube at Tower Hill until Embankment Station, which brought us to the outskirts of Covent Garden.

covent garden london uk

Neal’s Yard

The route I’d planned brought us to Neal’s Yard; this quaint courtyard tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.


We then walked up to Soho and the iconic Liberty’s department store – I love this building!

liberty department store soho london uk


Then onto the busy and vibrant Chinatown.

Regent Street

Which then brought us to Regent Street and Oxford Street. The route from Covent Garden to Oxford Street is about 30 minutes (minus stopping for photos or going off-route!).

regent street london uk

Emirates Stadium

We had tickets to see Arsenal vs West Ham that night, so we went for a proper match day experience by going up to Holloway road for dinner and drinks beforehand.

emirates stadium, arsenal vs west ham, london uk

Day 2: Notting Hill and the Natural History Museum

For day two – and our last day in London – I’d planned for us to get breakfast in Notting Hill, then work our way through and down the area until we reached the Natural History Museum.

google map route of ladbroke grove in notting hill to saint luke's mews, portobello roads, the churchill arms, and the natural history museum london

Notting Hill

I’d never been to Notting Hill before, so I loved wandering the streets and seeing so many colourful houses.

Saint Luke’s Mews

Of course, we had to make a stop at Saint Luke’s Mews, or should I say the Love Actually street. The pink house was Keira Knightley’s character’s home in Love Actually.

pink house on saint lukes mews, notting hill. The house from love actually, with keira knightley

Portobello Road

We then made our way up Portobello Road and through the markets.

Natural History Museum

After seeing all of the sites in Notting Hill, we walked about 25 minutes to the Natural History Museum. I love this museum! This was my second time there. I particularly adore the architecture of the building itself – so beautiful! It’s definitely worth a visit.

the natural history museum london uk

After visiting the museum, we grabbed an early dinner in Kensington before making our back to London City Airport.

This was a great overnight trip, and I’m very glad I planned out both days so that I got to see and photograph everything that I’d hoped to!

Until the next trip!


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